Hello, my name is Alina

Passionate about spirituality, health and nutrition, I have always wanted to help and contribute to people’s wellbeing.

With a background in Mathematics and an open mind to learn and grow, I started practicing yoga as a teenager and slowly integrated it in my daily life since. In order to deepen my own practice, I decided to get certified as a Sivananda (Hatha) yoga instructor. This opened me up to idea of teaching yoga and helping other people to live their life with more meaning and joy. I then continued my education in Nutrition at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where I learned about health and practical lifestyle coaching methods and became Health Coach.

This allows me to assist individuals and families achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based information, positive encouragement and motivation. I believe deeply that the relationship with food is one of the most important we’ll ever have. Why not make it a pleasurable one?

The greatest gift to your family and the world is a healthy you!

Your good health begins with making an investment in your own education for wellbeing. My health coaching program is focusing on helping you to prevent health problems and provides you with tools and resources to address poor nutrition and dietary habits, obesity, chronic disease, and a lack of physical fitness that has become the norm for many people our days. I take a holistic approach to working one-on-one and understand the science behind each individual emotional, physical, behavioral, nutritional and lifestyle factors that are needed to enhance overall health and well-being.

My role is to assist, educate and motivate you as individual, family or organization. And I do this by
– setting up an initial consultation of 1h-1h30 where we discuss your current situation and set personal goals – where you are vs. where you want to be – in terms of “LEAN” : Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.
– setting a personal customized plan and then training on how to properly read food labels in order to make the best out of the shopping experience
– organizing a pantry makeover – where we analyze what is currently in the storage and what could be improved
– personalized cooking sessions with easy and quick to prepare recipes specific to each individual needs.

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