Passionate about spirituality, health, and nutrition, I have always wanted to help and contribute to people’s well-being. With a background in Mathematics and an open mind to learn and grow, I started practicing yoga as a teenager and slowly integrated it in my daily life since. In order to deepen my own practice, I decided to get certified as a Sivananda (Hatha) yoga instructor. This opened me up to the idea of teaching yoga and helping other people to live their lives with more meaning and joy. Along with that my dream was to go to India where yoga originated, to get authentic yoga training experience. I then continued my education in Nutrition at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where I learned about health and practical lifestyle coaching methods and became a Health Coach.

Here’s a little bit about the journey that led me to where I am today…

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I’m delighted to share my vegan cakes and organic herbal teas with you! Each product is crafted with the utmost care and passion. Browse through my offerings and discover the joy of wholesome, delicious, and ethically made treats. Feel free to reach out for custom orders or any questions you might have.

My Journey Between Luxembourg and India

I have the privilege of living and traveling between Luxembourg and India, drawing inspiration from both places. Luxembourg’s serene landscapes and India’s vibrant culture fuel my creativity and enrich my practices. This unique lifestyle allows me to bring a diverse and rich perspective to everything I do, from yoga to baking to gardening.

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope to share with you the joys of yoga, the delight of vegan baking, and the tranquility of a well-tended garden. Feel free to explore and connect with me on this wonderful journey of wellness and creativity.

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